Hello Breck will be the primary local news resource prepared by citizen journalists as print goes out of fashion
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Contemporary American Journalism is fractured, in decline or driven to despair, resulting not merely from the obsolescence of newsprint, crippled in its timely reporting, but also from a co-ordinated trend by major market media managers to spin the news, and influential aggregator algorithms screening and selecting what you read.
Wikipedia: decline of newspapersPolitico: Trump win news analysis: ideological journalistic groupthink
Big Media's groupthink replaced neutral journalism with overt bias, emphasizing select, agenda-driven stories.
The Internet can threaten freedom or be a path to inform our neighbors in celebration of the First Amendment.
The good news is small, rural markets have the potential to restore fair, pertinent reporting with trusted citizen journalists valuing their community’s best interests. Rural telephone systems began with party lines. Subscribers shared news with neighbors listening in on local circuits. Reach and context is exponentially improved, now.
Colorado’s Western Slope into eastern Utah is largely under-served by local daily newspapers, radio and TV news. Imagine a distributed network of local stakeholders with written and verbal communication abilities, including those who can stream video and who pilot drones. As newspapers fold, an opportune alliance beckons.

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prototype news photo sequence bear electrocution & plunge from utility pole 8/2/19 @ steamboatview.com
bear electrocuted in South Valley August 2 2019
Scott Monahan — TV & radio journalist — documentarian — web developer — Steamboat Springs, Colorado
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